17 Oct 2017

Thank you for responding to our consultation on the future of UK Payments.  To meet the Forum's objective of openness and transparency we have posted the non-confidential responses here.  All responses will influence our thinking and we will publish an assessment report, alongside the final Blueprint, that clearly articulates how the Forum has addressed feedback by the end of the year.

The Forum is currently reviewing all responses, and we are paying particular attention to emerging themes that are being raised by multiple respondents. Two such themes relate to the proposed 'Single Push Rail' and Request to Pay, and their impact on the future of Direct Debit. This emphasis confirms the importance that the Payments Community place on Direct Debit.

We would like to assure all parties that Request to Pay has been envisaged as a voluntary and complementary product and is in no way intended as a replacement for Direct Debit.  While our analysis to date has concluded that Direct Debit can be implemented on the NPA push rail, the consultation feedback has demonstrated that further work is required.  We are conducting additional analysis using the expertise of both the Forum and the New Payments System Operator (NPSO), plus the support of existing Bacs stakeholders through its established stakeholder channels.

We are grateful for the ongoing engagement of the Payments Community. We will continue to seek your input as we progress and adapt the initiatives set out in the consultation paper and as we transition activities at the end of this year.

Ruth Evans, Chair Payments Strategy Forum